Back home.

Now the carriage has come back from Skövde, where it attracted a lot of attention. There were many people who took their time to study it closely. One comment among many were “Do not put the body on because then you cannot look at the interesting parts” and that is true, because with the body mounted you see very little of the fascinating mechanical design.

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The Garrison day in Skövde

September 24 is the Garrison day in Skövde. The theme is The tank 100 years, and our 21-29a  will be shown. Both chassis and body will be in place. To give the body a more “authentic” look, we have mounted the tower, and some hatches.
The hatches are not renovated yet which is why they have a deviant color.


In the chassis the complete power pack is installed. Which will give you an opportunity for detailed studies of 100 year old technology.



The work continues.

The petrol tank, which is made of copper, was partially painted gray. Now, we have removed the old paint and now the copper is exposed. It is really nice now, but just wait until we have polished it up.

To give full cooling of the engine, there are  dual cooling fans to the radiator. The Scania museum has been kind enough to give us an extra cooling fan which we now have mounted on the engine.