Before and after

While a renovation is going on, it is easy to forget how the different parts looked like before we did order them. Therefore, I have done some before and after pictures to show the incredible difference cleaning, painting and general tidying-up does. Not to mention the feeling of knowing that things work as they should.

We start with the powertrain: engine, gear box and steering gear.

Instrumentation and wiring.

We have also replaced the modern rod antenna with a loop antenna.

You need to have a radio

In old pictures of the Strv m21, there is a triangular radio antenna mounted. On the bracket that we are renovateing, the antenna mount has been modified to carry a modern rod antenna.

We have removed the bracket, cleaned brackets for the antenna arms and the insulating plates that the brackets are mounted on

From two broomsticks, we have produced a new triangular antenna similar to the original image.


We have started to refit the interior of the body. All hatches are mounted. However, they are not painted jet. The fuse boxes and wiring inside the fighting compartment are mounted. The cables for the front lights are prepared for mounting.

2016-10-31_1 2016-10-31_2

Mounting the thermostat.

Finding a termostat housing that fits and at the same time fits the sensor to the temperature gauge was not easy. Finally we found a house that after some modifications could be used. The first picture is taken before the modification. The second image shows the modification for the temperature sensor.


Back home.

Now the carriage has come back from Skövde, where it attracted a lot of attention. There were many people who took their time to study it closely. One comment among many were “Do not put the body on because then you cannot look at the interesting parts” and that is true, because with the body mounted you see very little of the fascinating mechanical design.

2016-10-05_22016-10-05_4 2016-10-05_12016-10-05_3