Now the time has come to the tower.

The tower of the tank, which is a small hand-twisted single-tower equipped with a machine gun, is now cleared of all removable equipment. The tower is very simple with a machine gun, two gun hatches and four small gaps for observation.
That everything was that stuck so a skewer and sledgehammer was needed to get the pieces apart is another matter


Now the electrical system is removed.

Now the electrical system is removed from the carriage. It is not very advanced, two front lights, one rear light and one light which is hand manoeuvered from the driver’s seat. Furthermore there are cables to the magnet, the electric fuel pump and the starter. Everything is controlled from a central instrument on the right side of the dashboard. We have not had time to check the condition of the central instrument yet, so we just keep our fingers crossed that it works and is useful. The left picture below shows the entire electrical system laid out on the floor. The other picture shows the dashboard with the central  instrument to the right.

2013-11-16-2 2013-11-16-1

The other instruments on the dashboard are for oil pressure and coolant temperature. The middle adjuster is to adjust the carburetor fuel mixture.

Now we can start working in parallell.

Last Monday the weather was on our side so we took the tank out of the workshop and lifted off the body and placed it on a roller platform.  Meanwhile, we took the opportunity to lift the gearbox and steering gear out. The stripped frame was put back into the workshop.

2013-11-05-2 2013-11-05-1

The steering gear and the gearbox are for the moment put on the floor. As soon as we have arranged better work stations, we will place them there.

2013-11-05-3 2013-11-05-4