2 years with the 21-29

Almost two years have passed since we rolled m/21-29 into the workshop to launch the renovation.

The first year we disassembled the cart bit by bit. There were a large number of pallets with parts, many of them tucked in pink plastic bags. Each and every part was well marked,  this makes it easier to replace every part in the right place.

This year has been spent with cleaning, sandblasting and painting the parts. We still have a lot of parts on pallets but now most of them are blasted and painted. The steering gear and the transmission have been refurbished. The engine and the transmission are mounted in the frame and soon the engine is ready for a test drive. The frame is blasted and painted, the bulk of the bogie boxes are made ready.

Now we have a well needed summer vacation but in August we start to work again. The first thing we should do is to make the motor package complete and install the bogies in the base.

Have a nice summer and we will be in touch in August.