Tuesday, June 12th, it was an official display of the tank. A number of invited guests received a presentation of the tank and about the renovation. After that, the tank was driven a few laps so that everyone could see and hear the 100 year old construction moving on its own machine. The two in the crew were very happy and glad after a successful show.

The tank is set at the museum. But on Saturday August 18th and Sunday September 2nd, it will be displayed and rolling again.

The mounting continues

Now the driver’s seat is getting ready. The joysticks  and pedals and floor are mounted. The dashboard is in place and the power is plugged in. In the empty hole to the left of the dashboard, the temperature gauge must be seated.
Under the support wheels of the track, diverting plates are mounted. On these, all clay and other dirt that get caught in the track should slip away so that it does not remain in the track arrangement.


The work on the carriage continues. Now the fuel tank and cooler are back in their original locations. The front of the floor in the combat area is also in place. However, the driver’s seat is far too high and must be lowered, because if you are longer than 150 cm you will hit your head.

The body in place

We have taken a big step forward, because now the body is in place on the underbody. Getting the body in place was quite simple,but it was a big job to mount all the bolts that holds the body and the underbody together. If I’ve calculated correctly, it’s 109 pcs.
 A good crane was an invaluable aid when the body was lifted in place.

Ready to attach the body and the underbody.

The engine is mounted in the body and the steering gear is put on the underbody. The construction is a bit odd because the engine and the gearbox are attached into the body while the steering gear is attached both in the body and the underbody.

The next step is to mount the body on the underbody, lift up the steering gear and mount the brackets. I’m getting a little worried about thinking of the job that’s left; crowded, hard-to-reach and bad workplaces.