Work with the tracks goes on

We need to change all track bolts which are locked with sprints.

To get out of the old track bolts, first the sprint must be grinded out and the bolt should be ejected. Sometimes it is very much needed for it to succeed.

But now the whole band is dismantled and we have a hefty pile of track plates that will be made in order.

Mounting track

Time to mount the left track. We pulled the track with a hand winch and added track parts. According to the instruction manual, each track has to consist of 75 plates, but sins the plates are old and worn, 73 seem to work properly.

Now it’s only the last track bolt that’s missing before the track is ready.

A review

More than 4 years have passed since we started renovating the 21-29th. We started with a complete wagon, which we were going to make ready for driving. We rolled it into the workshop

and after a few months it was mounted down and turned into a lot of loose parts packed in pallets and pink plastic bags.

Then the work began to blast and paint all loose parts. The larger parts we did not manage by ourselves so we sent them to a blasting company that had significantly better resources than we did.

When everything was blasted and painted, we started to assemble the wagon, which consisted of two main parts, body and undercarriage. The body was not so complicated, it was only doors, a tower and instrumentation that was to be mounted. The undercarrige contains of the power pack and the driving line and it was a hard jobb to get everything in correct order.

Then came the big moment when the engine and driving line were tested.

What remains is to fix the tracks and to mount the body. There is still a lot to do but now we see the beginning of the end of the renovation.

Time to fix the tracks.

During last spring and summer there wasn’t much done on the 21-29. There was a number of smaller projects with higher priority that took our time.

But now we are back on track again. These are the tracks to be checked and made ready. Each track consists of 75 plates and we have to change about 90% of the track bolts and also a large number of the bushings. To make it more easily done, we build smaller tracks with 5 to 6 plates, and then we put them together into complete tracks. Changing the track bolts is relatively simple, it takes a lot longer to fit the new bushes, but with patience and a good mood it’s possible.

In anticipation of being done 

and some with new track bolts. 


Almost 3 months have passed since we did something to the 21-29. The reason is that we have been waiting for a delivery of spare parts to the track. Finally, last week some boxes arrived with the long-awaited parts.

Now we have a summer break, but in August we will start renovating the tracks again. When they are finished, the carriage can move by itself for the first time in almost 50 years. What a lovely experience it will be!

Driving test?

On the internet there is a picture of a LK II running without a body, where the rider sits on a small platform. We have built a floor and mounted a chair on it to create a functioning driver’s seat. The ergonomics of the driver’s seat is not the best but for limited driving tests, it will work fine.