The m/21-29 tank

Stridsvagn m/21 is a German design – LK II (Leichter Kampfwagen). 10 tanks were secretly bought
from Germany in 1921, imported in parts as ”tractor parts” and ”sheet metal works”.
In August 1922 trials began at Svea Livgarde in Stockholm. The tanks were painted army grey in and
out. The engine was started by hand cranking which could also be done from the fighting compartment.
External lighting was an acetylene gas light.
In the autumn of 1923 five tanks participated successfully in a large manoeuvre. The trials continued
1924 to 1927. The main objective was cross country mobility, but also armament and communication.
In 1930, 5 of them were equipped with a new engine and gearbox. These were in use until 1939.

Surviving tanks:
3 in Strängnäs at Arsenalen (one of them is described in this blog), 1 in Deutches Panzermuseum Munster, Germany.

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