The work continues.

The petrol tank, which is made of copper, was partially painted gray. Now, we have removed the old paint and now the copper is exposed. It is really nice now, but just wait until we have polished it up.

To give full cooling of the engine, there are  dual cooling fans to the radiator. The Scania museum has been kind enough to give us an extra cooling fan which we now have mounted on the engine.

Cooling fans.

The cooler is very large and equipped with two cooling hoods. Due to the fact that the original engine was dismounted when the renovation started, we have been forced to manufacture new brackets to the two cooling fans which now are monted on the engine.
2016-05-23_1 2016-05-23_2

The inside of the turret.

Now the pistol ports covers are mounted in the turret. When the covers are closed, you are referred to the six small holes which give you a very limited opportunity for observation. The dark circle in the middle of the cover is a knob, which is for locking the cover in open or closed position.
2016-05-16_2 2016-05-16_1

The machine gunner’s job was not so easy. The small square hole is 2×2.5 cm and it was through this he was aiming when he fired the machine gun.

The turret

The turret has come back after painting. Unfortunately the race to the turret was painted too, so we needed to clean it. The barrel jacket to the machine-gun is also mounted. What remains is to paint the turret white on the inside and mount the pistol port cover.
2016-04-25_1 2016-04-25_2